Sunday, January 7, 2018

First Building Occupied

Looking at this beautiful school building brings different smiles to
many different faces. The Diocese of Nsukka sees their future
strengthened with energetic faith-filled, educated young people.
Students envision years of study that will inform their own families
and the wider community. The faces of the members of the
Committee of Interests formed in 2007 realize their efforts 
over the last ten years are finally, elegantly visible to their eyes.
Each person on this committee represents a network of supporters
contributing insights, encouragement, collaboration, and resources
to these efforts for over a decade. They provide strategic planning
and accounting service in addition to their networking efforts.  
Many have traveled to Nsukka themselves or hosted the visitors
from Nsukka in their homes and agencies. All of these men and
women are deeply pleased to see this building finished, named,
and filled with its first class of students.

The site plan prepared by Schools for the Children of the World

shows the need for ten more similar buildings needed to make
this a model school for the entire diocese. Your help is needed
throughout 2018 to move this project forward. If you can write
a check please send it to Schools for the Children of the World,
Kim Blackford, Director of Development, Post Office Box 1157,
Avon, CO 81620. Make the check out to them and write NSUKKA
in the memo line.  Online donations are made at   with a note that
you are supporting this Nsukka school project.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

A New School Grows

The close of 2017 marks ten years of collaboration aimed at strengthening the Catholic institutions of the Diocese of Nsukka, Nigeria. Francis Cardinal  George, OMI of the Archdiocese of Chicago and Bishop Francis E. Okobo, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Nsukka, Nigeria began this project which continues now under Bishop Godfrey Onah. Watch this site for updates throughout Esther Hicks’ current annual trip to the diocese.  

See the construction of the classrooms for St. Benedict African
College, a k-16 model school for the Diocese of Nsukka here.
The first classes for thirty junior secondary students are being held.

Year-end donations in the United States should be directed to
Schools for the Children of the World
Kim Blackford, Director of Development,
Post Office Box 1157, Avon, CO 81620.
Checks are addressed to Schools for the Children of the World 
with NSUKKA clearly marked in the lower left memo line.
Online donations are made at   
with the Comments or Special Requests that you are supporting this Nsukka project.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Archdiocese of Chicago students on retreat at the Sisters of St. Joseph's The Well

 Students from Cardinal Bernadine, St. Francis Xavier Ward, Our Lady of Tepeyac, St. Jane, St. John Fisher, St. John of the Cross, St. Leonard, Pius V, and St. Sabina joined together today for the Artists for Peace Retreat at the Well. A similar retreat was held in Nsukka in February 2014.

Students choose colored string to create bracelets to share.

 Students work together to create bracelets. In working together students are reminded that working together is easier than working alone.

Sr. Bee Jay shares stories from her many trips to Nsukka. Sr. Bee Jay talks about the food students eat, the distance they travel to school, what school supplies students have access to, and features of the school.

Students try the Fufu that Esther made. While the consistency of the food was not quite the same as what we have enjoyed in Nsukka, students got a chance to taste a little bit of Nigeria! One student commented that the Fufu tastes like "communion."

Esther Makes Fu Fu!

 Esther got up early this morning to make Fufu to share with students from across the Archdiocese of Chicago who are attending the Peace Retreat today at the Sisters of St. Joseph. The students at the retreat today are co-writing and illustrating a book with their peers in Nsukka, Nigeria.

Esther brought the Fufu to Chicago from her visit this January in Nsukka. The Fufu comes as a powdered substance in the bag to the right of Esther. Esther added water and cooked the Fufu much like one would cook oatmeal or cream of wheat. Below is the Fufu. Later, we will post other pictures from the retreat!

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Church at Nsukka Diocese greets you!
Our secondary schools teachers begin in-service training today to end by Friday from 9.00am each day till 4.00pm,  the following topics will be discussed: Teaching techniques,  curriculum implementation, communication skills, school based assessment,  instructional materials improvisation, teaching methods, among others. This is being organized by the Diocesan Education Commission.  The Nsukka Education Committee hopes that when US partners come in May the joint committees will address either the needs of primary schools teachers or both as the case may be. Look here for more posts about this conference in the days to come. This news comes from Fr. Denis Agbo Ph. D., Education Secretary, Diocese of Nsukka.
Fr. Denis in his office, February 2014.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Stephanie A Clausell

St. Albie's Church was full last evening, February 6, when the Homegoing Mass was celebrated for Stephanie A Clausell a valued member of the Chicago - Nsukka Committee of Interest. She was a musician, teacher, principal and youth minister who died from cancer the end of January.  Her facebook page is being kept up by her friends here, and her memorial fund page is here.  Many Nsukka friends expressed their sympathy to her family.

What a big lose! Stephanie..... a zealous and amiable friend of Nsukka, Nigeria! The teachers and students I shared the news of her demise with remember every details of their encounters with her. She touched our lives with every of her gestures. Even, her deep and beaming smiles drove to the heart her love and passion for the people of Nsukka. May God and his angels welcome you to eternal rest with the same joy and smiles you shared with us. We have you in our prayers. -Fr Gilbert  Ezeugwu(PRO, Nsukka Catholic Education Commission)

It is very sad to learn of the death of Stephanie. May God grant her eternal rest in His kingdom. My  sincere condolences to Henry and all other family members and all our friends and partners. Be assured of our continued support through prayers for her happy repose.  All of us friends in Nsukka Nigeria will miss her till the resurrection morning where we hope to meet to part no more. Fr Jude.

With sorrow for the loss of our great partner, sister and friend Stephanie we in Nsukka Nigeria share with the family and you all the sentiments of her passing on to God's glory. We have prayed for her these years and we now commend her into God's lovely hands to grant her eternal joy. May she rest in peace. Amen.
Fr. Willy Odo, Judicial Vicar,