Thursday, March 10, 2011


Many people are stakeholders in the Catholic Schools of Nsukka Nigeria. Previous teams spoke with these stakeholders and developed this list of dreams for their schools.  One of the present team is working primarily on teacher, principal and parent development through the Seminar they are presenting.  Another present team is working on with the local hospital within Nsukka to create partnerships that support the health of the children in an area where many children do not live long enough to go to school.
  • Catholic identity
  • education in Christian values and moral living
  • commitment of bishop
  • students have a vision for their future
  • students motivated to learn
  • dedicated and strong teachers and principals
  • capacity and desire to solve our problems
  • parents who use the schools support them
  • well organized
  • solid learning programs
  • improve over time
  • competitive
  • students contribute to social transformation in Nigeria

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