Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 3: Understanding a New Vision of Education through the Story of the Universe and our Model School

A few days ago, Fr. Willie Odo told those who follow this blog a turtle story.  It is one of the many turtle stories found among indigenous cultures.  After comparing and contrasting these stories, the seminar participants will hear from Chuck Neuman one of the principals in Schools for the Children of the World.  They have prepared the architectural drawings  for the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka Model School.  This campus has two wings: one for teacher training, the other for students with whom to learn.  This central teaching / learning site will be linked to all the schools of the diocese, enabling all schools to offer the model school experience to their students. No matter how far the school is from Nsukka, local administrators, teachers and students will have the basic tools to  using many different forms of intelligence.  The participants worked toward the outlines necessary changes they will need to their school a model school for their students.   For more information on the model school read the planning guidelines.

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