Monday, August 2, 2010

Sometimes I feel like I'm not very grateful for what I have... I believe that working on this blog, has made me a bit of a better person, and also got me thinking about how little Nigeria has, but what joyous spirits all the children have. We complain that we don't ever get what we want, when it really matters about what we need. For example, here in schools, we have books that will help us understand what the teacher is talking about or even books that teach us the concept of the subject: math books, science books, social studies books, etc., etc. In Nigeria, children don't have the books we use. If they even have any school books, they are VERY, VERY outdated. The books are so old, they might even have wrinkles!
Another example is that the children don't have lunch at school. Here, kids whine about not having a long lunch/recess, or that we don't have enough time to talk to each other. Children in Nigeria are there to LEARN, if they choose to interact with each other, it's outside, not during class. Maybe we should get some teachers from Nigeria to come here to our schools and teach us a lesson... WHACK! There goes that stick again!
Now as I finish this post, I really think that I should go to Nigeria soon (and this time, i'm not figuratively speaking...). As I write more for this blog, I feel attached to helping Nigeria. Now is the time for you to start helping too...OR THE STICKS WILL FIND YOU!!!!! (Please do not feel intimidated, it really doesn't hurt that much!)


  1. Wow! Marta, is that water in the bottles "store" bought--looks a little dirty, doesn't it? Do you mean that in that hot, hot, hot weather, there are no drinking fountains and students have to bring their own water?

  2. Actually, that water isn't store bought. The saved bottles that they have are just re-filled with water from puddles on the ground (from what I remember my interviewer telling me). Fascinating, isn't it?