Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome Ceremony at St Victor's Parish

The young men's group at St. Victor's Parish plays music, sings, and dances for the delegation from the Archdiocese of Chicago. Their music and dancing entices the delegation to join in the dance!


  1. Thanks for news I'm grateful for a safe arrival and will watch for updates. Susan

  2. Hello from Holy Family Academy First Grade 1B!
    We are happy to learn everyone arrived safely. We have many questions to ask...
    Are you having a good time?
    Are you taking lots of pictures?
    Do Dr. Ludwig and Mrs. Henry miss all of us? We miss you very much.
    Do they celebrate St. Patrick's Day there and are you wearing any green?
    Have you passed any nets out to the families?
    What is the food like there?
    Our weather here has been very, very nice...63degrees. Good by snow suites!!!
    Have you seen any zebras?
    We wake up to singing birds what type of noises do you wake up too? Monkeys? Elephants? Lions? Ostriches?
    Are you compforitable with your experiences there?
    We hope your having a good and happy time.
    Please say hello to all the children and families you are meeting, for us.
    The welcoming celebration they had for you sounded fun. Did you do any dancing too?
    We hope everyone there is happy you came.
    We hope you come back soon and safely. We think Dr. Alford will be happy for spring break.
    Love and hugs from all of us,
    Joseph H., Audrey, Andrew, Katherine, Leonardo, Joey K., Jack, Grace, Will, Kyle, Foster, Patrick, Sophie, Oscar, Emma, Gina, RJ, Isabella, Shea, Mrs. Connelly and Mrs. Moynihan