Monday, March 1, 2010

Two Packing tips: If you head out to Target or some such place, look in the camping section for a cup that collapses. This is a handy thing to have for cleaning out your tooth brush in combination with your bottled water!
If you are a coffee drinker, bring along instant coffee as Nigerian's tend to be tea drinkers. You will have access to hot drinkable water but your hosts will not necessarily have instant coffee in the store house.

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  1. More tips...Small flashlight - always carry w/ you. Lights out at 10pm-ish...will need to have it with in the shower -- take evening showers as the ceiling fans will NOT work once lights are out! Bring battery-operated reading lights, alarm clocks and 2 camera batteries, leave one charging while you're out & about - same with ipod. A journal and pen -- write down this GREAT, life changing experience and your thoughts -- for reminiscing along w/ your photos! Bring plenty of wipes, and TP as well as bug spray for your room and DEET type for you.Oh, pack your extra batteries in checked-in luggage, otherwise, can be confiscated. SAVOR every goes by FAST! Safe travels, everyone! You'll LOVE the place and most especially the smiles, warmth and hospitality of the Nigerian people!