Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Transportation in Nsukka

If you went to Nsukka to visit our friends, how would you get around? Well, lucky for you, Fr. Willy and Fr. Fidelis would borrow a friend's SUV or a van from one of the schools so that they could take you and your friends all around the city. And then they would have to drive very carefully because the roads are filled with lots of people trying to get somewhere. Many walk everywhere they need to go. School children rise early to walk the long miles to school...often leaving home while it is still dark out. They have to be very careful because the roads are often in poor shape (if you think Chicago has pot holes, wait til you go to Nsukka!). Like in the USA, many use trucks to transport goods (and people) from place to place. Those who don't have a car (and that is by far the majority of people) have to walk. If you don't have a car, but you want to get some place farther away than you can walk, how might you get there? There is no L in Nsukka. What if you have a lot to carry? What if it's more than fits on your head? Well, you just might be in luck. Often you can catch a ride on a motorcycle taxi! When are you coming to Nsukka to see for yourself?