Sunday, March 7, 2010

Itinerary for the Delegation the Diocese of Nsukka

Archdiocese of Chicago
Office of Catholic Schools
In Partnership with the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka, Nigeria
Catholic School Leadership Delegation
March 11 – 20, 2010

Itinerary and Schedule
March 11 (Thursday) Depart for Paris AF0667 at 17:25. We will meet at the International Terminal at the departure gate no later than 4:45 PM

March 12 (Friday) Depart for Lagos AF0584 at 10:55. Arrive at Murtala Muhammed International at 3:10 Greeted by Fr. Wilfred Odo and transported to the Eucharistic Sisters Convent and Hostel. 7:30 Dinner

March 13 (Saturday) 5:15 Depart for Regional Airport (breakfast at airport) Leave by regional plane for Enugu, Nigeria, in the morning (TBA).Welcome by Fr. Fidelis Ikpe, Diocesan Director of Education. Transport to Nsukka, Nigeria. Arrival at Mt. Tabor Carmelite Monastery for week’s residence
3:00 Late Lunch (monastery)
6:30 Welcome and Meeting with Bishop Francis Okobo
8:00 Supper (Bishop Okobo’s residence)

March 14 (Sunday) 7:30 Breakfast (monastery)
9:00 Mass at St. Victor Parish (St. Mary Station)
1:00 Lunch (monastery)
2:30 Excursion into Nsukka
5:00 Conversation about Education in Nigeria (UNN)
7:00 Supper (monastery)
8:00 Evening Reflection and Planning

March 15 (Monday) 7:30 Breakfast
9:30 Site Visit: Holy Infants Nursery and Primary School Meeting of Head Administrator (at St. Victor Parish House)
11:00 Site Visit: St. Catherine College and St. Theresa College Meeting with Principals and Administrators of Colleges
1:30 Lunch (monastery)
2:30 Site Visit: St. Patrick’s Nursery/ Primary, Obollo Afor and St. Patrick’s Secondary School
7:00 Supper (monastery)
8:30 Evening Reflection: Land Proposed for Model School Project Meeting with Project Manager Rev. Wilfred Odo and  Planning

March 16 (Tuesday) 7:30 Breakfast
9:30 Site Visits: St. Paul Nursery/ Primary School, Aguamede, Ikem and Neke
2:00 Lunch (monastery)
3:00 Site Visit to St. John Cross Seminary School Nsukka
7:00 Supper (monastery)
8:30 Evening Reflection (led by Fr. John Igwebueze and Mrs.Veronica Obi, Future Search Conference) and Planning

March 17 (Wednesday) 7:30 Breakfast
9:30 Site Visits: St. Mary Nursery / Primary School, Ehalumona, St. Charles College, Opi, and Queen of the Rosary Secondary School, Nsukka
1:30 Lunch (monastery)
2:30 Site Visit: St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, Ibagwa Aka and St. Mary Nursery/ Primary School, Ibagwa Aka
7:00 Supper (monastery)
8:30 Evening Reflection (led by Fr. George Dine “Igbo Culture and Spirituality”) and Planning

March 18 (Thursday) 7:30 Breakfast
9:30 Site Visits to McGlade Secondary School, Ogurute and St. Mary Nursery/ Primary School, Ogurute
1:00 Lunch (monastery)
2:30 Site Visit: Bishop Shanahan Hospital, Fr. Bernard Eze, Director (Conversation about health issues in Nigeria and tour of hospital)
4:00 Shopping at Nsukka Market
7:00 Supper (St. Victor Parish House) Upper Balcony
8:30 Evening Reflection (Q & A with Director of Education, University of Nigeria “Future of Education in Nigeria”) and Planning

March 19 (Friday) 7:30 Breakfast
9:30 Site Visit: Santa Maria Nursery/ Primary School, Nsukka, and St. Francis College, Ovoko
1:00 Lunch with Fr. Moses, O.Carm. and Fr. Chrysogonus,
O.Carm. (“Vocations in the Catholic Church in Nigeria”)
3:00 Site Visit: Bus Tour of University of Nigeria and St. Peter Church) and Okunerere Adoration Umu Oshene
5:00 Preliminary Packing for Trip Home
7:00 Closing Gathering with Bishop Francis Okobo

March 20 (Saturday) 7:30 Breakfast and Final Preparations for Leaving
9:30 Leave Nsukka for Enugu and depart for Lagos
2:30 Lunch at Eucharistic Sisters Convent and Hostel  Depart for Paris AF0855 at 23:35 Depart for Chicago AF0664 at 10:35  Arrive Chicago at 12:55

March 25 10:00 Future Search Conference II


  1. Looks like our travelers will be very busy!

  2. Safe travels! God bless you all! You truly are doing God's work. Enjoy and savor every moment~!

  3. Amazin...memories refreshed! I studied at St Johns Seminary n worked at both Aguamede n Bishop Shanahan. Our traveller ll be gaggin for 4 a return visit. Nsukka is absolutely phenomenal x

  4. The Best Of Life

    be calm and count with steadiness
    be strong and stay united
    be free and love one another
    be hopeful and receive God's blessing
    be productive and you will be respected
    be Nsukka's and you shall be An Idekes
    Best of Life Really comes from Nsukka.
    From Henry Okey (DA-GREAT)