Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nsukka Delegation Wecomed This Afternoon

Rev. Fr. Dr. Wilfred O. Odo, JCD joins Rev. Fr. Fidelis Ikpe in the presentation of the Kola nut, seven were send by Rev, Bishop Francis Emmanuel Ogbonna Okobo, with the delegation of eight diocesan educators for study at Loyola University in Chicago. The welcome gathering was held Sunday afternoon September 16, 2012. The Kola nut is an important symbol in the Nigerian belief system. Breaking the Kola nut is part of any welcoming ceremony. Among the Ibos, the Kola nut is broken by the youngest person present. "He who brings Kola nut brings life" is a popular expression in many parts of Nigeria.Tell your Kola nut story in your comments.

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